VIP Poster Information Session

VIP Team RSVP Form

Event Details Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 Klaus Atrium

3:45-4:00 Poster setup

4:00-5:00 Poster information session

5: 00 Breakdown
Who Presents? VIP teams recruiting students for this semester. Presenter(s) can be faculty or students.
Poster Printing

With 80+ teams, we try to limit the number of posters we print.

If you already have a poster (from within the past year,) you are welcome to bring a new one that your group has printed, or please re-use the poster.

If you have not printed a new poster in the last year, and you would like to have one, please email your poster to vip@gatech.eduA downloadable PPT poster template is available here.

Timeline Need poster printing support? Please... 1) RSVP below, and 2) email your poster to print, by Monday October 30th, 2023.  We will have it ready the day of.

Already have a poster?  Bring yours in!  But we'd still love to have your RSVP below.  This allows us to include your team in promotions (email blasts, social media, listing on day of event, etc.) and to be prepared with enough easles.

Please direct any questions to 

Full team name, not subteam

Please email your poster to

Will you need access to a power outlet?
Will you need a table in addition to an easel?
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