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  • To produce novel, creative media about recent scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. These include but are not limited to: interactive museum-style exhibitions, online articles and videos, and festival exhibits. Specifically, the team will create one exhibit or demo per semester, and each team member will publish bi-weekly in the online science magazine Charged. ...

  • The Student Cluster Competition team will focus on putting together a proposal each Spring to compete in Supercomputing’s “Student Cluster Competition”. This competition brings togethers teams from around the world to complete a series of challenges related to high-performance computing within a set time limit and power budget...

  • Electronic sports, known as esports, are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity thanks in large part to technological advances in network connectivity, game engines, online streaming platforms, and novel fan experience engagements. Over 300 million fans have streamed more than 300 million hours on the Twitch platform alone, and global viewership is now expected to exceed 400 million....

  • To create a collective of autonomous robots capable of physically collaborating on tasks such as: moving objects; constructing structures; playing sports; assisting human participants. The robot collective should operate autonomously with minimal intervention for long periods and learn from their operation and interactions over time.

  • This concept builds on a broader notion of psychological resilience or positive adaptation to adverse situations.