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  • Green chemistry and engineering are creating a culture change for the future direction of industry. Flow chemistry will be an essential tool to sustainable and tailored chemical-based processes. This project will design, build, test, and evaluate prototypes of flow reactors for targeted chemical processes.

  • To improve health outcomes, nutrition, and general living conditions in developing nations and resource-limited environments through a variety of key technologies. These solutions include: sensors for sanitation in challenging environments, improving access to...

  • The purpose of the Living Building Science team is to evaluate the impact of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design on the non-human living and nonliving environment using sustainable scientific methods.

  • The goal of this VIP course is to get students engaged in the design and deployment of low-cost air quality sensors on the Georgia Tech campus and around Atlanta, in the analysis of the resulting data streams, and in the development of new policies and practices to address poor air quality on campus and beyond. Throughout the VIP, we focus on building strong collaborative research skills,...