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  • The main goal of the ACT (Autonomous and Connected Transportation) Lab is to understand interactions between drivers/travelers, emerging vehicular technologies related to connectivity and autonomy, and novel infrastructure designs using a driving simulator environment, analytical modeling, and field test tracks. Using the collected data, we seek to develop analytical models and perform data...

  • Despite decades of efforts there has been little progress in recruiting a US National Park Service workforce that reflects the increasingly diverse and multi-cultural American public. This VIP aims to establish a GT Public Innovation Center (PIC) as a means to increase the diversity and career opportunities with the National Park Service and other federal agencies, starting with Yellowstone....

  • This VIP takes as its main focus Georgia Tech’s new Living Building – the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design – and its efforts to advance social equity as a key part of building and operating a sustainable building. Within the Living Building Challenge (LBC), we focus on improving - and re-defining - the

  • The purpose of the Living Building Science team is to evaluate the impact of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design on the non-human living and nonliving environment using sustainable scientific methods.