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  • For students to learn the theory and gain the skills necessary to fabricate next-generation batteries for EVs, spacecraft, and Smart Cities infrastructure.

  • To discover how evolution acts on materials properties in microbial systems. Use experiments,  simulations, and analytical theory to elucidate how biological fitness and function emerge from physical principles.

  • To build airborne observation platforms equipped with cameras and electromagnetic sensors, to observe lightning and other electrical activity in the atmosphere from high altitude (100,000 ft).

  • To produce novel, creative media about recent scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. These include but are not limited to: interactive museum-style exhibitions, online articles and videos, and festival exhibits. Specifically, the team will create one exhibit or demo per semester, and each team member will publish bi-weekly in the online science magazine Charged. ...

  • Energy has become one of the world's biggest engineering challenges. Current carbon-based energy supply faces conventional reserves depletion and climatic hurdles. The goal of this project is to address enhanced subsurface energy recovery and associated environmental mitigation from a geoengineering perspective. The team will study fundamental hydro-thermo-chemo-bio-mechanical properties of...

  • The Student Cluster Competition team will focus on putting together a proposal each Spring to compete in Supercomputing’s “Student Cluster Competition”. This competition brings togethers teams from around the world to complete a series of challenges related to high-performance computing within a set time limit and power budget...

  • This concept builds on a broader notion of psychological resilience or positive adaptation to adverse situations.