2020 ~ Present


The goal of the VoterTech team is to investigate factors that affect voter turnout among college students and developing technologies to facilitate:

• Voter registration

• Transportation to the Polls on Election Day or for Early Voting (via ride sharing)

• Early and Absentee voting

• Reporting of Voting Irregularities

Issues Involved or Addressed

  1. What percentage of eligible college students are registered to vote and where?
  2. If registered at home, what percent vote early, by absentee ballot, on election day, or not at all?
  3. What factors affect college students’ likelihood of voting?
  4. What are the information needs of college students when voting?
  5. What are the differences in awareness between local issues (local to place of registration) and national issues? Does that difference impact desire to vote?

Methods and Technologies

  • Survey Development
  • Statistical Analysis
  • User-centered design
  • Usability evaluation

Academic Majors of Interest

  • ComputingComputational Media
  • ComputingComputer Science
  • ComputingHuman-Computer Interaction
  • DesignCity and Regional Planning
  • Ivan AllenLiterature, Media, and Communication
  • Ivan AllenPublic Policy
  • Other
  • SciencesPsychology

Preferred Interests and Preparation

CM, CS, HCI:  Background/interest in User-centered design, usability evaluation, interaction design.

Other Majors:  Experience with or willingness to learn about app development and voting behavior.


Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Klaus 1440
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Chris Le Dantec
  • Literature, Media, and Communication
Nicole Leonard
  • Honors Program
  • Undergraduate Advising and Transition
Dr. Michael Chang