Subsurface Energy

2018 ~ Present | DOE, NSF


Energy has become one of the world's biggest engineering challenges. The current carbon-based energy supply faces conventional reserves depletion and climatic hurdles. The goal of this project is to address enhanced subsurface energy recovery and associated environmental mitigation from a geoengineering perspective. The team will study fundamental science and develop technologies to enhance subsurface characterization and exploration.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Subsurface energy recovery; Enhanced geothermal system; Geological carbon sequestration; Subsurface drilling

Methods and Technologies

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Imaging and Image Processing
  • Numerical Simulation

Academic Majors of Interest

  • EngineeringCivil Engineering
  • EngineeringElectrical Engineering
  • EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
  • EngineeringMechanical Engineering
  • Other
  • SciencesApplied Physics
  • SciencesEarth and Atmospheric Sciences

Preferred Interests and Preparation

CEE/EAS/ME: Background in mechanics; interests in programming, image analysis, data processing.

CEE/EE: Experience in sensors and microprocessors, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi, and coding.

Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Mason 2140
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Dr. Sheng Dai
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Partner(s) and Sponsor(s)