Polivision, Multimedia Arts & Culture

2019 ~ Present


To consolidate a bilingual and multimedia outlet about Latinx and Global Cultures. Students, professionals and faculty participate in the production, marketing and dissemination of bilingual multimedia pieces (videos, podcasts, interactive media, and social media narratives) about transnational arts and culture, as a way to reflect the multi-cultural reality of Atlanta as a global city.

Issues Involved or Addressed

How do Latinx and Global Cultures are manifested in Atlanta’s arts and entertainment? How do these identities dialogue with the United States and other cultural realities in today’s globalized world?

In times when international and cultural reporting have considerably decreased in the U.S. media and the Latino population in the U.S. has become the largest minority in the country, stories and alternative narratives about Latin(o) American and Global Cultures and are not only scarce, but also tend to be superficial portraits and simplistic generalizations of complex societies. At the core of the digital humanities’ interests, this project seeks to become a bridge between academic research and digital media/journalism, between traditional humanities’ pedagogical tools and the development of multimedia narrative skills using digital technologies, between English and Spanish-speaking audiences and contents, and between global trends and local identities in the United States.

In times of a crisis of the traditional journalism industry, this project also seeks to set foundations for a new alternative and sustainable model for media production based in the collaboration of the academics, media professionals, and students.

Methods and Technologies

  • Interviews
  • Reporting
  • Textual/Discourse Analysis
  • Multi-media Production

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies
  • Business Administration, Management
  • Computational Media
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Media
  • International Business, Language, and Culture
  • Global Economics and Modern Languages
  • International Affairs
  • Modern Languages
  • Science, Technology, and Society

Preferred Interests and Preparation

  1. Background and/or interest in Journalism, Arts and Culture, Latin American Studies, Spanish, and Digital & Multimedia production (video, photography, audio/podcast, social media, writing and reporting, curation of news stories, interactive media).
  2. Also welcoming students with training in Web Design, Content Management Systems, Marketing, Advertising, Media Business and Translations.

Meeting Schedule & Location



Meeting Location: 

Van Leer 483B

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Team Advisors

Dr. Paul Alonso (ML)

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