Request a Team

Prospective instructors can request a new team at any time.

  1. Team Information Sheet
    To request at team, prospective instructors submit a team information sheet.  The online team listings are based on these info sheets, and they are not very involved.  Projects should have an initial scope of 3-5 years, with a project description general enough to last many semesters.
  2. Scheduling & Instructor Information (Info Sheet Part II)
    Once projects are approved, VIP staff will send instructors an additional form (Part IIa) for scheduling and contact information, along with more information on VIP course administration (Part IIb: syllabus, grading, etc.).  Approved projects will then be added to the online listing of VIP teams.
  3. Student Recruiting
    Poster information sessions are held prior to Phase I registration, to recruit students for the following semester. Posters are based on the team information sheets, and they are put together by instructors, graduate students or undergraduate students. A template will be provided, and the VIP Program will print it. Instructors then keep their posters for use at future recruiting events. 
    Teams with lower enrollments will be invited to participate in a second poster information session on Tuesday of the first week of class.
  4. Student approvals
    In a team’s first one or two semesters, the VIP Director will handle student applications.  Once comfortable with the general VIP format, instructors usually prefer handling their applications.  This is usually in their second semester or year.

Preferred Timeline

Because VIP is offered as a course, students will join your team at the beginning of the semester.  The timeline below is built around the student registration schedule, and it allows enough time for course creation prior to student registration and VIP recruiting efforts.  
However, prospective instructors can submit a team request at any time, and we'll work together to determine the best semester for start-up.

  To start at team in Spring To start a team in Fall Notes
Team Info Sheet Part I September 30 March 1 Click here for the form.
Team Info Sheet Part II October 20 March 15 We'll send the form after Part I
Poster Information Session Mid to Late
Mid March Typically held on a Tuesday, 4:00-5:00.
We have a template and will print the poster for you.
Phase I Registration begins Late October Late March  
Poster Session for
Low-Enrollment Teams
First week of class First week of class Typically held on a Tuesday, 4:00-5:00