Request a Registration Permit

Returning VIP students must request a registration permit each semester.  We encourage students to do this prior to Phase I registration, so VIP Program staff and your instructors have an idea of team size before reviewing applications from new students.  While you'll use the same online form, the system will flag you as a returning student, and your permit request will be processed separately from those of new applicants.

  1. Users can only log in from on-campus or via VPN.  Click here for instructions.

  2. Click here to Request a Registration Permit.  You will be prompted to login.

  3. Students registering for the 2 and 3-credit options must also register for the un-supervised lab in addition to the lecture.

  4. The CRN for the lab is available here, and it will be included in the email from VIP indicating your permit was issued.

  5. PURA Students: You will be issued a permit for an audit section specific to PURA.

Time conflicts

Returning students can have a conflict with their team meeting if the instructor approves. This works well for teams with regular sub-team meetings. There is no formal approval process. Instead, time-conflict permits are issued freely, and students are responsible for confirming with their instructors that they can work around the conflict.
* If you are a returning student and a time-conflict permit was not issued with your regular permit, please email your name, GTID and a short explanation to

Switching Teams

Team continuity supports team productivity, and multiple semesters of participation enable students to develop expertise within their teams. To support team continuity, juniors and seniors who want to switch teams are asked to take a one-semester break from VIP. Students seeking an exception to this policy should explain their request in the comment section in the online application.