Team-specific information on instructional delivery modes for Spring is being posted in Canvas/Oscar (as with other courses).  Students and instructors can also refer to the VIP policy on delivery modesFor current information on campus social distancing measures, please visit GA Tech's Moving Foward page.

VIP Policy on Course Delivery Modes

COVID, VIP and Faculty Research

The VIP Program operates at the intersection of education and faculty research.  VIP team adaptations will be closely coupled with changes faculty are already making in their research programs.  To this end, modes of delivery will be determined by instructors, so their VIP teams can operate within the constraints of their research programs.  The overall goal that should guide instructors’ decisions about how teams will operate should be to follow the university's recommendations regarding operations in order to keep everyone safe/healthy while making progress on the project.  Where possible, instructors are encouraged to accommodate students with differing delivery-mode needs.  Remote formats may not be possible on all teams, so this is left to instructors to decide. 

For teams that meet in VIP classrooms, tables and chairs are being taped-off to seat spacings of 6’, per campus guidelines.  Rooms will be wiped down along with other classrooms in the buildings, but they will not be fogged, to protect electronics and equipment.

  • Klaus 1440: 15 seats at U-shaped seating area; 5 seats at conference-table area.
  • Van Leer 465: 8 seats at conference table.
  • Van Leer 483B: Very small, room will not be used this Spring.

Course Delivery Modes: Posted in Canvas

To ensure students understand expectations of each team, faculty are asked to document their plans through the Canvas Course Description.

1. Combine your VIP sections in Canvas
Georgia Tech built a Course Combining Tool.  You can find it in Canvas by following the instructions below.

  • Login to Canvas
  • Click “Account” at the top-left corner 
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Combine Courses”
  • Follow the instructions in the tool

2. Enter the delivery mode description in Canvas

  • Logon to and click on your course.
  • Once in your course, click Settings on the menu bar. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and enter your course description in the Description field.
  • Click Update Course Details.
Team Name Section Notes for Fall 2021
21st Century Global Atlanta VW6 Hybrid
2D Heterostructure Synthesis VVP Hybrid
ACT Driving Simulator VWU Hybrid
Active Safety for Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Vehicles VVB


Advanced Graphene Battery Technology VVT Remote Synchronous
Agile Communication Architectures VW3 Hybrid, can do virtual if need be.
Agile Locomotion & Manipulation VWT

Hybrid. The team will be maintained in a hybrid mode. Some team members may need the lab access to take or return the hardware or devices. More detailed schedule will be directed managed between the PI/graduate mentors and the VIP students. All the individual and group meetings will be online. 

AI-based Discovery and Innovation VWI Hybrid
AquaBots: Maritime Robotics VPE Hybrid
Art & AI VWH Hybrid
Augmented Reality Experiences VPV Remote Synchronous
Automated Algorithm Design VVK Hybrid, can do virtual if need be.
Automotive LIDAR VVO

Hybrid: Some team members may need lab access to take or return hardware or devices. 

All the individual and group meetings will be online using BlueJeans 

Big Data and Quantum Mechanics VVI This course will be hybrid. We will meet from 9:30-10:20am on Wednesdays at this BlueJeans meeting:
BioBots VPJ Residential
Bio-inspired Network Dynamics and Geomechanics VPL Residential
Bits of Good VWQ Hybrid
Brain Trauma Assessment Protocols VV2 Residential
Bringing Diversity to National Parks VWZ Hybrid
Building for Equity and Sustainability VWM Hybrid
ChemFlow VW1 Not being offered in Spring 2021
Chinese Fangyan Media VWW Hybrid. Instructor notes pending
Chip Scale Power & Energy VVG Residential, can switch to hybrid or virtual if needed.
Community & Digital Archives Project VWB Hybrid
Concussion Connect VPY Hybrid
Configurable Computing & Embedded Systems VPZ Hybrid
Data-Driven Education VPH Hybrid
Deliberate Innovation VX5 Remote Synchronous
Design Bloc VX6 Remote Synchronous
Diabetes and Chronic Disease Systems VX7 Hybrid, possible switch to residential
Digital Deliberation VVA Hybrid
East Asian Media VWF Hybrid
EcoCAR Collegiate Competition Team VPU Hybrid
Electronic ARTrium VXE Residential
Embedded System Cyber Security VVL Hybrid. Course will be online only with a student option for coming on site to access hardware.
Empathy Bytes VWC Remote Synchronous
Engineering for Social Innovation VV5 Hybrid
Evolutionary Mechanics VX3 Hybrid
Experimental Flights VVM Hybrid - Virtual class lectures and student team meetings. Students can come onto campus to pick up hardware or interact with the hardware in small groups or 1 on 1 with the instructor. Tasks that can be performed completely remotely will be available. 
Extreme Events Engineering VXB Hybrid
French Arts & Media VWX Remote Synchronous
Future Computing with Rogues Gallery VWA Hybrid
GaTech4Wildlife VWE Hybrid. Course will be online only with a student option for coming on site to access hardware.
Global Health Device Innovation VWS Hybrid
Global Social Entrepreneurship VWJ Hybrid
GT Mobile STEM Lab VVV Hybrid
GT Solar Racing VW4 Hybrid. Synchronous participation from a remote location will be possible throughout the term, with opportunities for meaningful in-person engagement at point throughout the semester.  NOTE: to participate in this VIP, you must already have participated with the GT Solar Racing team for at least one semester as an active volunteer.
GT USLI Rocket VPB Hybrid
GTRI Agricultural Robotics VPD Residential
Health Informatics On FHIR VPT Hybrid
HumaniTech VVS Hybrid
Humor Genome VPK Hybrid
Intelligent Digital Communications VPN

Residential, but remote-synchronous possible for OMSCS students and students with special medical needs. Please contact the team's adviser if you have questions.

Intelligent Platform for Crowdsourcing (IP Crowd) VVR Remote Synchronous
Intelligent Tutoring System VP4

"Hybrid". Remote, but if you are on campus we might be able to do Hybrid. It depends on the makeup of the subteams.

For those students who are on-campus, they can form sub-teams and have meetings that take place in-person, however this will not be a requirement.

IoT in Health VX1 Hybrid
Language & Politics in the New South VXA Residential
Lightning from the Edge of Space VPO

Hybrid. VIP time commitment falls into three categories: (1) Full team meeting, (2) Subteam meetings, (3) Individual work/research. #3 is already at a distance. For #1 and #2, meetings are primarily held in person, but virtual options can be made available where needed.

Living Building Science VWK Hybrid
Living Dynamical Systems VVH Remote Asynchronous
Low Cost Aerial Autonomy VWL Hybrid
M.A.R.S: Martian Advanced Renewable Systems VVD Remote Synchronous
Reinventing Mobility in Atlanta VX8 Hybrid
Retrofuturistic Hardware: Music, Gaming and Computing VW9 Remote Synchronous
RoboSense VPG Hybrid. Remote, weekly bluejeans meeting will be held.
Robotic Human Augmentation VVW
Robotic Musicianship VPQ


Secure Hardware VPM Hybrid with options for remote.
Smart and Connected Bioelectronics VVZ Remote Asynchronous
Smart City Infrastructure VVC Residential. Instructor notes pending
Smart^3 Makerspaces VX4
Hybrid. Remote with an option for interested students to visit lab for hands-on experiments. Weekly team meetings will be held on Fridays 9:30-10:20am on Bluejeans
Spatiotemporal Modeling:COVID-19 VWY Remote Synchronous
Special Purpose Aircraft (SPA) VWG Hybrid
Stadium-IoPT VP3

Residential, but remote-synchronous possible for OMSCS students and students with special medical needs. Please contact the team's adviser if you have questions.

STEMcomm VVE Hybrid
Subsurface Energy VW7 Hybrid
Team Phoenix-Cluster Competition Team (HPC) VWP Remote Synchronous
TerraBots VPP Hybrid
The Future Esports Experience VW8
The HipHop2020 Innovation Archive VWV Hybrid
The Robot Collective  VWN
Hybrid. The team will operate mostly in a remote format. Individuals/subteams that need to access hardware will be able to retrieve hardware for use at home or, in limited circumstances, in the lab. Any work or meetings that do not require hardware or a physical presence will be conducted remotely.
VoterTech VWO Remote Synchronous
Wellbeing and Mental Health VV6 Hybrid