VIP Innovation Competition 2022



The Vertically Integrated Projects Program invites VIP teams to participate in the VIP Innovation Competition.  Teams (or subteams) will submit 6-minute videos showcasing their work. Presentations will be sorted into tracks (e.g., robotics, healthcare, energy, etc., depending on submissions received) and will be reviewed by a panel of judges.  One winner will be selected from each track, and an overall winner will advance to the international VIP Consortium Innovation Competition. The video does not need to follow the PechaKucha format.  For guidance on what to include in your video, please see the rubric link below. Teams can submit more than one video.  If a team submits more than one video, VIP will reach out to their alumni to assist with Level-1 judgining.  One video from each team will advance to Level 2 judging.

In addition to your outstanding presentations, each registered team is invited to nominate a judge (and let them know you’re nominating them), but this is optional.  Most judges will judge only one track (5-6 projects, 6 minutes each).  Judges can be from industry, external organizations, or Georgia Tech.  In general, VIP instructors should not serve as judges if their teams are competing.  There may be reasons for instructor exceptions (secondary/loosely-affiliated instructors, etc.), so these can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Note to previous winners: Previous winners are welcome to compete with projects that differ significantly from their winning entry from the previous (2021) competition.


$1,000 Overall Prize, in addition to track-level prize

$1,000 1st Place within Track

$500 2nd Place within Track

Prize funds may be used for team expenses (e.g., equipment, supplies, team shirts, food), but there are limitations. For details, please contact Keyonia Holland. Award funds must be expended by June 1, 2023.


The registration requests:

  • Name and contact information (up to two people)
  • Names of team members who will be participating in competition
  • Presentation title (you can change this later)
  • A few sentences on what you will present
  • Optional: nomination for a judge (industry or academia, not students)
  • Request to share video to our social media/website

Monday, March 7, 2022  Extended to Friday March 11, 2022- Registration Deadline: ​Click here to register.

Monday March 21, 2022    Extended to Monday March 28, 2022 Video submission due

*Please submit videos (or links) by email to

Friday, April 4, 2022 - Winners Announced

Presentation Parameters
  • Presented by students
  • Teams can submit more than one video
  • 6-minute video
  • Presentations must be submitted as recordings.  Recordings made via video conferencing platforms such as BlueJeans or Zoom are acceptable.
  • Students are encouraged to avoid text heavy slides. Instead, be creative, incorporate visuals, and build a narrative. Brief animations or video clips may be used as appropriate.
  • Click here for the judging criteria.
Competition Tracks

As in past years, we will group submitted projects into thematic tracks, with winners in each track. The number of tracks and groupings will depend on the number of and variety in submissions. Past tracks have included robotics, devices & hardware, software & apps, service & learning, science, energy, humanities, and competition teams.


Click here for the competition scoring rubric (so you know what judges will be looking for).

Additional Levels of Competition

Video recordings of the first place team in each track will be shared with a final panel of judges who will determine the overall winner of the competition.

The overall winning team will receive an additional $1,000 to support student activities of their team and will advance to the Regional VIP Innovation Competition.