HipHop2020 Innovation Archive

2020 ~ Present | LMC/DILAC, AUC Woodruff Library


The project is an ongoing project focused on designing a hip hop-based innovation archive of educational resources and online courses that is accessed/experienced in three ways: 1) a subscription-based portal of downloadable materials, online courses, and webinars that offer hip hop-based educational resources for use in secondary and post-secondary humanities, computational media, and interaction design instruction; 2) as an interactive archive that allows users to navigate through the space, interact with exhibits, play trivia games, listen to music, and curate personal exhibits; and 3) as a VR experience that immerses the user in the environment through music and play.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Research/Design Issues

Methodological Issues

Methods and Technologies

  • Hip Hop-Based Interaction Design
  • The OUTKAST Imagination
  • Digital Archiving
  • Ethnographic/Qualitative Analysis
  • Community Building and Preservation
  • Interactive Narrative
  • Integration of Play
  • Mapping
  • Virtual Reality
  • Hip Hop-Based Education in Secondary and Post-Secondary Instruction

Academic Majors of Interest

  • ComputingComputational Media
  • ComputingComputer Science
  • ComputingHuman-Centered Computing
  • DesignMusic Technology
  • Ivan AllenDigital Media
  • Ivan AllenHistory, Technology, and Society
  • Ivan AllenPublic Policy
  • Online MastersAnalytics synchronous
  • Online MastersComputer Science synchronous
  • OtherEducation

Preferred Interests and Preparation

All majors need to have a willingness to learn the specifics for the project within their respective areas. Here are some qualifications that would be good for potential team members. Not all are necessary...but the more experience, the better.

For Unity-related Dev: Experience with Unity 3D and C# development; Familiar with object oriented programming principles; Familiar with consuming RESTful API calls and working with JSON data; Experience with Unity VR development a plus (for HTC Vive); 3D modeling experience with Maya and/or Blender a plus.

For back-end/web-based systems development: Strong Javascript experience; Experience with NodeJS -- specifically around building out a RESTful API; Experience with database systems and database design; Experience with AWS systems / AWS console a plus; Experience with ReactJS a plus.

For Web Development: Experience with UI/UX Design (Specifically for website - both mobile and desktop); Deep Understanding of Wordpress (Both Front end and Backend Management); Understanding or willingness to learn Omeka; Experience with developing/designing with WP Bakery and or Visual Composer; Experience with CSS and HTML Web Development (For Theme Customization); Some experience with gamification design (Unity and Maya).

For General Design: Experience using Adobe Creative Suite (Specifically Photoshop & Illustrator); Experience with Video Editing (Preferably Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and or Final Cut Pro); Familiar with HTML Email Template design.

For Social: Familiar with Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & SoundCloud; Experience with Cross Platform Social/Digital Campaign Development; Experience with Social Curation; A Bonus would be if they are Familiar with copy writing for social platforms



Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Skiles 343
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Dr. Joycelyn Wilson
  • Literature, Media, and Communication

Partner(s) and Sponsor(s)

LMC/DILAC, AUC Woodruff Library

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