Bits of Good

2020 ~ Present


The Bits of Good VIP team is closely linked to the Bits of Good student organization. In order to participate in the VIP, you will need to be a member of the BoG student organization, as this is where teams, roles, and training will take place. As a member of VIP, you will have some additional responsibilities to support the assignment of individual grades for the VIP. These may include: individual mid term project reviews, attendance at special lectures, a reflection assignment at the end of the semester, etc. The Bits of Good student organization webpage is

Partnering with the student organization Bits of Good, this VIP will connect students with nonprofit organizations to build custom software for them. As we develop scalable web applications to support our local Atlanta community, we want to spread social good + tech across Georgia Tech: that we can contribute to our community while learning and developing skills.

While many students have the motivation to do good and contribute to impactful causes, they often do not have the skills, structure, or mentorship to accomplish their goals. As technology deeply needs an upgrade at many nonprofit or for-good organizations, we want to provide a service that benefits both these institutions and the motivated individuals at our university.

As well, we would want to explore social software solutions to help improve our world in accordance with the UN sustainability development goals which include “No Poverty”, “Zero Hunger”, “Gender Equality”, and far more.


1. Build custom software for nonprofit organizations

2. Spread social awareness in tech across Georgia Tech

3. Explore social software solutions to improve our world


Issues Involved or Addressed

UN sustainable development goals

Improve Atlanta Community

Methods and Technologies

  • Web Development (React, Express, Node, Flask, Mongo, SQL, etc.)
  • Agile Development
  • Software Testing with Client
  • User Experience/User Interface Design
  • Software Lifecycle Planning
  • Product Management
  • Research Techniques
  • Public Policy

Academic Majors of Interest

  • BusinessGeneral Management
  • ComputingComputational Media
  • ComputingComputer Science
  • ComputingHuman-Centered Computing
  • ComputingHuman-Computer Interaction
  • EngineeringComputer Engineering
  • EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
  • Ivan AllenPublic Policy
  • Other

Preferred Interests and Preparation

Social Impact, Web Development, Management, and Design.


Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Ronnie Howard
  • College of Computing
Ellen Zegura
  • Computer Science