Current Student FAQ

Why can't I register?

While returning students do not need to "apply," you still need to request a registration permit each semester. Permit requests for returning students can be found here.  This is the same form, but the system recognizes you as a returning student, and your request will routed/approved differently than those for new applicants.

Where (or when) is my class?

For your specific VIP class days, times and locations, please refer to the Teams page.

Can I switch teams?

The VIP Program does not allow students to freely switch from team to team. As a disincentive, students are typically asked to take a one-semester break between participation on one team and another (although exceptions are typically made for sophomores). Students seeking exception to this rule should provide a detailed explanation in the comments section in the online application.

Where are the peer evaluations?

Peer evaluations are an important component of the VIP team experience. To access our peer-evaluation system, please click here. Please note: You must be logged into the campus VPN to access this page.

What is a VIP notebook? What are instructors looking for?

VIP notebooks, whether electronic or hard-copy, allow students to track and document their efforts. In turn, VIP notebooks allow instructors to assess student contributions to the team. Notebooks are graded twice each semester and explicit feedback is given in categories including: completeness of meeting and design notes; maintenance and check-off of a to-do list; usability by future students who may need to understand why a particular design decision was made; etc. For more information on VIP notebooks, please click here.

What is the VIP Innovation Competition?

The VIP Innovation Competition is an annual competition for VIP teams, judged by corporate and industry representatives.

I am in VIP.  Can I get more involved?

Yes! VIP runs a student ambassador program that allows VIP students to table at recruiting/FASET events, execute VIP Poster Sessions, speak at VIP receptions, and attend our yearly VIP Consortium. Contact Mitsuko at for more information.

Is VIP hiring?

VIP routinely seeks out undergraduate student assistants to help with administrative and web form tasks. While we are not currently hiring, if you are interested, please contact for more information.

Can I switch the number of credits I register for?

Yes, please simply submit a new application with the desired number of credits.

Where can I find my CRN?

The CRNs can be found from the email notifications when permit was issued as well as from this page. Please double check your spam/junk mailbox and read through the email carefully as it contains many important informaton, including the CRNs.