VIP is offered as a course, so students register each semester during normal registration periods.

  1. To get a registration permit, new students must apply and returning students must request a registration permit.  The application links are available in the menu under "students."

    • You will need to indicate the number of credits you want in the online form.

  2. 1-credit hour students will only need one CRN (course registration number).  You will receive this CRN in an automated email from OSCAR when VIP staff enter your permit, which is typically during Phase I and Phase II registration.

  3. 2- and 3-credit hour students will need two CRNs (this is new).

    • One CRN will be included in an automated message from OSCAR. 

    • The other CRN is below is for the unsupervised lab. The lecture and lab are linked, so you will need to register for both at the same time.

      • Two credits:

        • Second CRN for VIP 3602: 27857

        • Second CRN for VIP 4602: 27860

        • Second CRN for VIP 6602: 27866

        • Second CRN for VIP 6602 Online: 27868

      • Three credits:
        (restricted to students using VIP for their final semester of a Junior or Senior Design sequence, and grad students)

        • Second CRN for VIP 4603: 27862

        • Second CRN for VIP 6603: 28909

        • Second CRN for VIP 6603 Online: 28149