2024 Georgia VIP Innovation Competition: Application

The 2024 Georgia VIP Innovation Competition will be held on Saturday March 30th from 9-4 at the NCR VOYIX Building in Midtown, Atlanta.  This event will feature teams from schools across Georgia competing for prizes in two categories: 1) pitches and 2) posters.  All Georgia Tech teams are invited to submit applications by February 22nd, but only one team per category will be selected to participate in the March 30th event.  To submit a pitch for evaluation, please include a 15 minute video that films both presenters and slides.  To submit a poster, please include a PDF of the poster.  All projects will be evaluated using criteria based on the Hellmeier questionsOnly one competitive entry per category is allowed per VIP Team, so please coordinate with your other team members and instructors.  In addition to your outstanding presentations, each team can (but is not required to) nominate a judge for the competition.  Teams will hear whether they have been selected for the 2024 Georgia VIP Innovation Competition (and asked to confirm participation) by the week of March 4th.

Please send links to .mp4 files (for videos) or .pdf files (for posters) to lmisemer6@gatech.edu by 5pm on February 22nd.

Contact Information
Please distinguish between those who would attend the event on March 30th and those who would not.
Can you confirm that at least two team members can attend the event at NCR VOYIX in Midtown, Atlanta from 9-4 on March 30th?
Judge Nominee (OPTIONAL)

Each team can (but is not required) to nominate a judge for the competition, and to let him/her know they have been nominated.  Judges can be from industry or academia, from an area related to your VIP team or another area.  VIP instructors should not generally judge if their teams are competing.  There may be reasons for instructor exceptions (secondary/loosely-affiliated instructors, etc.), so these can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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