VIP Innovation Competition, Sponsored by Cisco

Target Audience for Judging

Your target audience includes people from venture capital, who want to find out about your innovations and are interested in possible commercialization. This group is familiar with technology, but may not have an in-depth knowledge of your field. Judging teams also include faculty and technical experts. The judges will not expect business plans or market studies, but you can identify potential customers, whether they be consumers, companies, etc.

Who can present?

Teams can be represented by any team-member who is taking the VIP course for credit. Multiple sub-teams from a team may also compete.


2-3 page paper
Due 5PM, TBD
Email papers to
Parameters 1" margins
Times New Roman font
11pt font or larger (smaller for captions)
No additional attachments, appendix, etc.


12 minute presentation + 5 minutes of Q&A.


2 Phase Competition - TBD
Preliminaries Teams compete in tracks, with 1st & 2nd place awards for each track. 
Detailed schedules will be provided, so teams can come/go for their presentations.

$700 - 1st Place
$300 - 2nd Place

Results will be posted online.  Representatives from winning teams will be notified by phone, so they can return for Phase 2.
1st Place teams will advance to the finals and present their 12-minute presentations again.  These presentations will be done in Klaus 1443, with all invited to observe.

$1500 - 1st Place
$1000 - 2nd Place
  $500 - 3rd Place

Winners will be announced immediately after judges' deliberations.
Awards Awards go into foundation accounts for teams to apply to expenses (equipment, travel, etc.).