2018 ~ Present| Section - VW7

Subsurface Energy

GOALS: Energy has become one of the world's biggest engineering challenges. Current carbon-based energy supply faces conventional reserves depletion and climatic hurdles. The goal of this project is to address enhanced subsurface energy recovery and associated environmental mitigation from a geoengineering perspective. The team will study fundamental hydro-thermo-chemo-bio-mechanical properties of geomaterials and pore fluids at elevated pressure and temperature conditions. The team will participate with the National Gas Hydrate Research Program, the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) Project, and NSF Engineering Research Center for Bio-inspired and Bio-mediated Geotechnics (CBBG).

RESEARCH/INNOVATION ISSUES: Enhanced geothermal systems, bio-inspired heat exchanger, gas hydrate, geological carbon sequestration, microbial motility and their impacts on flow in porous media

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: High Pressure/temperature, X-ray Imaging and Data Processing, Wave Characterization, Tools/Sensors Development


CEE/EAS/ME: Background in mechanics; interests in programming, image analysis, data processing.

CEE/EE: Experience in sensors and microprocessors, arduino, or raspberry pi, and code writing.

CEE/Bio/Phy: Background in microbiology, cultures growth; interests in imaging and image processing.

MEETING TIME: Fri, 10:10-11:00


PARTNERS & SPONSORS: DOE/NETL, AECOM, NSF ERC Center for Bio-inspired and Bio-mediated Geotechnics (CBBG)

CONTACT: Dr. Sheng Dai, sheng.dai@ce.gatech.edu

AWARDS: Tied for second place in 2018 VIP Innovation Competition's Science Track