2016 ~ Present| Section-VVE


GOALS: To produce novel, creative media about recent scientific discoveries and engineering innovations. These include but are not limited to: interactive museum-style exhibitions, online articles and videos, and festival exhibits. Specifically, the team will create one exhibit or demo per semester, and each team member will publish bi-weekly in the online science magazine Charged.

Charged publishes on any topic related to science and engineering and recent articles have covered:

·      NASA and the space program

·      Female scientists

·      Bizarre stories scientists collect when working in the field

·      Science comics

·      Big Data Ethics

·      Climate Change

·      Deadly minerals

·      The chemistry of home brewing

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Web technologies, video editing, illustration, writing, making (3D printing, laser cutting, etc.), electronics and electrical design, coding, interpreting science-speak into language anyone can understand.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES:  How can we use what we know about how people learn to improve science education outside of the traditional classroom? How can science writing (i.e. journalism or creative science writing), exhibits at educational institutions (i.e. science centers, botanical gardens, zoos and aquariums), and events like science festivals affect the public’s understanding of and enthusiasm for science?  How can we use science to create more effective informal science education?

MEETING TIME: Fri, 1:55-2:45

ADVISORS: Jennifer Leavey (BIOL), Ed Greco (Physics), Michael Evans (Chemistry)

PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta Science Festival, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Science Tavern


CONTACT:  Dr. Jennifer Leavey, jennifer.leavey@cos.gatech.edu