2016 ~ Present| Section - VV7

Solar Decathlon

GOALS: Buildings consume 40% of generated energy in the United States and have been identified by the Department of Energy (DOE) as having a high potential for efficiency gains over the coming years. We seek to design, build, and continually refine a 1000 sq. foot modular solar home designed to be energy positive and encourage sustainable user habits over time. The home will be entered in the DOE’s series of Solar Decathlon competitions, and will focus on interconnecting the house’s systems and understanding and modeling user behavior through an Internet of Things.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Internet of Things, Heat Recovery Systems, Phase Changing Materials, Solar Technology, DC Microgrid

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Modeling, sensing, and improving household behavior; Energy management and recovery; Housing scalability and modularity.

MEETING TIME: Tues, 9:30-10:20

ADVISORS: Dr. Matthew Realff (ChBE), Francisco Zimbardi (GTRI)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Department of Energy, Denning Technology and Management Program, Hannah Solar, Georgia Power, Schneider Electric


EE, CmpE, CS – Background/Interest in renewable energy, Internet of Things, and ability to build systems.

ME, ChBE – Background/Interest in hands-on work and designing sustainable energy systems and preferred experience in thermodynamics/heat transfer.

MSE, ChBE – interest in PCMs (phase change material) or other new materials for use in residential homes.

CEE, Arch – interest/background in sustainable building analysis and construction, hands-on work

Business – Marketing, Commercialization, Fundraising

CONTACT: Dr. Matthew Realff (CHBE) matthew.realff@chbe.gatech.edu, Francesco Zimbardi (ECE) francesco@gatech.edu, Alexandre Poux (Student) alex.poux@gatech.edu