2018 ~ Present| Section - VX4

Smart^3 Makerspaces

GOALS: Development of an intelligent system to manage and maintain makerspaces.


1. How to train users and trainers for safe operations within a makerspace? (example: How to design cloud based as well as hands-on learning experiences, and how to validate training).

2. How to collect and analyze data from makerspaces for efficient operations of the space and equipment within a makerspace? (example: How to develop queuing system for tools within makerspace).

3. How to support and manage the culture of student-run organization staffing the makerspace? - Focus on volunteers who run the makerspace.

All above three issues are inter-dependent and hence combined within one large umbrella of the VIP project.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Engineering Design Process, Python, Wordpress, Java, IOT Platforms, Android/IOS app development.


ADVISORS: Dr. Amit Jariwala (ME)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Texas Instruments, AutoDesk, STM, SUMS (Georgia Tech)

MAJORS, PREPARATION AND INTERESTS: All applicants are preferred to have interests in hands-on learning and interest in becoming a PI (prototyping Instructor) in the Invention Studio. However, this is not a mandatory requirement. Students with majors in engineering and CS with interests in IOT are preferred. Students with majors in Business Administration are expected to lead sub-teams within the VIP project and past experience of strong leadership as well as project management skills are preferred.

CONTACT: Dr. Amit Jariwala, amit.jariwala@gatech.edu