2013 ~ Present| Section - VPG


GOALS:  To develop miniature robotic blimps and autonomous underwater vehicles for environmental monitoring, security surveillance, sensing networks, and human-robot interaction.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Embedded Systems, Software Programming, Control Systems, Sensors, Design.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES:   Autonomy in airborne and maritime environments, which includes object recognition, feedback control, navigation and path planning, multi-agent systems, and human-robot interaction.

MEETING TIME: Wed, 6:00-6:50

ADVISORS:  Fumin Zhang (ECE), Karim Sabra (ME)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research


  • EE, CmpE – Background/interest in embedded systems, control, software development and sensor technology.
  • CmpE, CS, CM – Background/interest in software development and robotics.
  • ME – Background/Interest in design, structure, vibration and dynamics, acoustics, instrumentation
  • MGMT – Background/interest in marketing and commercialization

CONTACT: Prof. Fumin Zhang, 404-385-2751, fumin@gatech.edu

LINKS: http://gtsr.gatech.edu