2019 ~ Present| Section-VX2


GOALS: On January 29, 2018, the ten million acre Patagonia National Park system was born. The goal of this VIP project is to develop and execute a Strategic Sustainability Plan for this new park in collaboration with the Chilean government, US philanthropic organizations, and Yellowstone National Park. Themes include water and energy, transportation, education and communication, waste management, leadership, and business practices. 

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Sustainability planning, Architecture, Civil/Environmental Engineering, Systems engineering, Logistics, Energy, Ecotourism, Best management practices.

RESEARCH AND INNOVATION ISSUES: Establishing a sustainable infrastructure, systems thinking that integrates conservation with economic development, and balancing technology with culture.

MEETING TIME: Wed, 10:10-11:00

ADVISORS: Dr. Paula Gomez (GTRI), Dr. Francisco Valdes (GTRI), Kevin Caravati (GTRI)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Chilean Government, University de Santiago de Chile, Tompkins Conservation, Yellowstone Forever, Yellowstone National Park, Georgia Tech Research Institute

PREFERRED INTERESTS AND PREPARATION: Background/interest in Planning, Architecture, Sciences, Engineering, Business, Policy, Management. Experience with or willingness to learn sustainability planning and sustainable management practices.

CONTACT: Dr. Paula Gomez, paula.gomez@gtri.gatech.edu