2018 ~ Present| Section - VVZ

NEW TEAM: Smart and Connected Bioelectronics

GOALS: To study soft, biocompatible materials to design low-prowfile, unobtrusive wearable and implantable electronics for advancing human healthcare and wellness.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Soft materials, Biosensors, Wearble electronics, Implantable electronics, Human-machine interfaces, Neueal-computer interactions, Micro-nanoengineering, Disease diagnostics, Rehabilitation, Therapeutics.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Enngineering soft materials; design of mechanically flexible and stretchable circtuit; low-power, wireless circuit design; design of nano-microstructured biosensor; development of data classification algorithm; design of soft actuators for rehabilitation; design of a soft sensor for biosensing; modeling of 3D mechanics and thermal loading; tissue-electronics interations.


ADVISORS: W. Hong Yeo (ME)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology and Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences


CONTACT: Prof. W. Hong Yeo, whyeo@gatech.edu

GRAND CHALLENGES: Reverse-Engineer the Brain  Engineer Better Medicines