2019 ~ Present| Section - VWE

NEW TEAM: Sci. & Eng. of Animal Reintroduction

GOALS: Pandas, elephants, and other animals are raised or rehabilitated in zoo facilities, to prepare them for reintroduction into the wild.  There is a need for better sensors and testing diagnostics for the strength, health, and athleticism of these animals.  The goal of this VIP is to bring science and engineers to work on problems proposed by zoo reintroduction workers.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Videography, Gait Kinematic Analysis, Force Sensor Design, Animal Climbing Platforms, Animal Policy, Image Analysis.

ISSUES INVOLVED or ADDRESSED: Use of mechanical and electrical engineering with the biology and biomechanics animals to design new test apparatuses for animal training and selection for reintroduction to the wild; drones for tracking collars of animals in mountain regions. Reintroduction criteria for when an animal can be best suited to be brought back into the wild. 

MEETING TIME: Mon, 10:10-11:00

ADVISORS: David Hu (ME), Robert Wallace (GTRI)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: James Ayala, Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Chengdu, China; Sean Hensman at Adventures with Elephants in Bela Bela, Limpopo, South Africa; Joe Mendelson, Director of Research, Zoo Atlanta

MAJORS, PREPARATION AND INTERESTS: Expertise in Mechanical or Electrical design and building of apparatuses and force sensors, anatomy and animal behavior, Chinese language and foreign policy.

CONTACT: Dr .David Hu, hu@me.gatech.edu