2017 ~ Present| Section - VVM

JetPack-X 4 Mars

GOALS: To create, design, and test build jetpacks, robotic landing systems, exoskeletons, and autonomous vehicles to support exploration of extreme environments on Earth, the Moon, and Mars, with multi-disciplinary professionals, DARPA, & NASA scientists and engineers.  

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Personal propulsion devices and air-vehicles, engine design and performance, advanced flight controls, acoustics, advanced electrical power, display design, Human Systems Integration (HSI), design and prototyping of exoskeletons & suit integration, human-robot interaction, biomechanical design, bio-inspired robotics, software and hardware development, advanced materials, mechanical and electrical design, and systems integration.  

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Personal propulsion and air vehicle design; prototyping of protective exoskeletons, integration of wearable displays, landing of personnel and vehicles on harsh terrain, impacts of extreme environments including heat, cold, dust, radiation, and low gravity, muscle resistance training for deep space travel, disability mobility assistance, vehicle/personnel take-off and landing safety engineering, automatic injury detection, extraterrestrial exploration. 

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 12:00-12:50

ADVISORS: GTRI: Paula Gomez, Michael Mayo, Courtland Bivens, Francisco Valdes, Brad Fain

GT: Jun Ueda (ME), Aaron Young (ME), Hisham Ali (AE), JVR Prasad (AE), M. Shino Shinohara, GT School of Bio Sciences, Dr. Dan Schrage (AE), Mark Costello (AE), Juan Pablo Afman (AE)

NASA KSC: Laurent Sibille


Kennedy Space Center Swampworks, Jetpack Aviation Inc. 

NASA Ames: TBD under NASA Ames Academic Mission Support Contract

NASA Houston: TBD Co-Development Research


AE - systems integration, Lunar and Martian Exploration research, propulsion, flight control, dynamics, unmanned systems, autonomy, systems engineering, simulation

ME - mechanical design, prototyping, robotics, space suit integration

Materials Sciences - composites, robotics, advanced metals, nano-technology

ECE - electrical engineering, circuits, software, power generation, and hardware integration Computing-human computer interaction, robotics, algorithms, wearable displays, modeling and simulation

Architecture - design and prototyping, GIS and tracking systems

BIO, BME - bio inspired design, biomechanical systems, robotics

EAS - Lunar and Martian geology, hydrology, geochemistry, sensing, exploration methods

CEE - structural and geotechnical design, environmental engineering

Health Systems - Prosthetics and orthotics,

Human Factors Engineering

Scientific Art and Illustration

CONTACT: Paula G√≥mez; paula.gomez@gtri.gatech.edu