2013 ~ Present| Section - VPK

Humor Genome

GOALS: To build an Internet repository of humor, broadly interpreted. Items which are considered funny by various groups would be tracked via social networking integration. The resulting big data would be available for analytics, which, in particular, could include research that will help better understand and perhaps even quantify humor. Possible crowd sourcing of jokes or computer generated humor.

METHODS & TECHOLOGIES:  Web platform development, data analytics, social networks, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, multi-media, databases, graphics, user interface design.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES:  Study of humor, data analytics and machine learning, artificial intelligence, social networks.

MEETING TIME: Tues, 1:30-2:20.

ADVISORS:  Pete Ludovice (ChBE), Lew Lefton (Math)


  • CmpE, CS, CM - Background/Interest in web development, web applications, social media, graphics, artificial intelligence, databases.
  • CSE, Math - Background/Interest in big data, analytics, machine learning, algorithms.
  • MGMT - Background/Interest in marketing, commercialization
  • IAH - Background/Interest in digital media, humor, improvisation, storytelling
  • Psych - Background/Interest in humor, creativity, and learning

Dr. Pete Ludovice, (404) 894-1835, pete.ludovice@chbe.gatech.edu
Dr. Lew Lefton, (404) 385-0052, lew.lefton@math.gatech.edu