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GT Mobile STEM Lab

GOALS: At Georgia Tech, we live in an incubator for problem solving, scientific inquiry, and technological innovation, but the public at large is surprisingly ignorant about the STEM disciplines. We will build the Georgia Tech Mobile STEM Laboratory - a sustainable and continually growing infrastructure we’ll use to measurably impact this ignorance regionally and nationally. Ultimately, we’ll have a fleet of vehicles filled with innovative and exciting experiments, demonstrations, and exhibits backed by robust logistics. This resource will enable us to nudge public understanding and support of STEM from the bottom up by facilitating the direct engagement of a diverse group of scientists and engineers (students and professionals, all genders, races, & backgrounds) with K-12 students to produce meaningful impact.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Design, build, and test hardware for exhibits and novel demonstrations. Design compelling educational materials to facilitate STEM learning. Research, brainstorm, develop & test new STEM experiments and activities. Develop efficient logistical infrastructure to support wide impact.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: We have an impressive track record of leveraging helpers to reach > 45,000 people since 2008. To drastically hone our educational message and increase our impact, we will: continually design, build, and test new hardware and activities, invent tools to manage logistics and maximize our impact, and create an innovative communications system with exceptional, continually evolving training materials managed with modern tools such as Wiki and social media.

MEETING TIME: Tues, 9:30-10:20

ADVISORS: Kevin Nielson (GTRI), Jack Wood (GTRI)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Seeking funding via Georgia Tech Foundation; presently supported by STEM@GTRI; occasionally partnering with CEISMC

MAJORS, PREPARATION AND INTERESTS: College of Science, College of Engineering, MGT, ARCH, ID, Music Tech.

Everything STEM; Building really cool hardware; Designing exhibits and full exhibitions; Crafting compelling media (visual & text, both digital & print); Teaching and inspiring others; Planning and organizing; Science fiction, storytelling, and the cultural & policy implications of STEM; technical writing; Interaction of people with technology; web design.

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CONTACT: Dr. Jack Wood, Jack.Wood@gtri.gatech.edu