2018 ~ Present| Section - VW2

Fall 18 NEW TEAM: Engineering Smart Cities

GOALS: To develop a campus-wide visualization, feedback and analytics platform to better understand and to systematically improve campus resource management.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Energy Monitoring Sensors, Building Information Modeling, Social Networks, Smart Cities, Visual Analytics, Data Mining, Gamification, Virtual and Augmented Reality, User Interface Design, Eco-feedback.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Smart/advanced metering strategy; scalable eco-feedback design/implementation; building energy consumption benchmarking; citizen science/engagement; decision-making through visual analytics; building/infrastructure service management.

MEETING TIME: Fri, 12:20-1:10

ADVISORS: John Taylor (CEE), Jessica Rose (Facilities), Neda Mohammadi (CEE).

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Georgia Tech Facilities


CEE, BC - Background/Interest in smart cities/infrastructure systems and virtual reality.

ECE, CS - Background/Interest in sensors, virtual reality and programming skills would be helpful but are not required.

CM - Background/Interest in games, virtual reality and graphics. Database and server configuration experience would be helpful but is not required.

IYSE - Background/Interest in data analytics. 

MGMT - Background/interest in marketing and commercialization. 

CONTACT: Prof. John E. Taylor, jet@gatech.edu