2017 ~ Present| Section - VVM

Exploratory Robotics: Formerly JetPack-X 4 Mars

Team is full

Returning students may still apply

GOALS: To design and build human-worn exoskeletons and drones to support exploration of extreme environments on Earth and Mars.  

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Design and prototyping of exoskeletons; experimentation to determine exoskeleton performance. Design and construction of drones for exploration of extreme environments.   

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Human-robot interaction, power management, systems engineering, aerodynamics, structual analysis, control algorithms, computer aided design, mission planning, design of experiments, prototype construction.

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 10:55-11:45

ADVISORS: GTRI: Michael Mayo, Paula Gomez, Courtland Bivens

GT: Jun Ueda (ME), Aaron Young (ME)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Kennedy Space Center Swampworks, Jetpack Aviation Inc. 


AE - systems integration, Lunar and Martian Exploration research, propulsion, flight control, dynamics, unmanned systems, autonomy, systems engineering, simulation. 

ME - mechanical design, prototyping, robotics, space suit integration. 

Materials Sciences - composites, robotics, advanced metals, nano-technology. 

ECE - electrical engineering, circuits, software, power generation, and hardware integration Computing-human computer interaction, robotics, algorithms, wearable displays, modeling and simulation. 

Architecture - design and prototyping, GIS and tracking systems. 

BIO, BME - bio inspired design, biomechanical systems, robotics. 

EAS - Lunar and Martian geology, hydrology, geochemistry, sensing, exploration methods. 

CEE - structural and geotechnical design, environmental engineering. 

Health Systems - Prosthetics and orthotics, 

Human Factors Engineering 

Scientific Art and Illustration

CONTACT: Michael Mayo; Michael.mayo@gtri.gatech.edu