2017 ~ Present| Section - VVM

Experimental Flights

GOALS: Currently developing a drone that could be used to deliver goods on Georgia Tech campus-will be performing initial flight tests soon. Also collaborating with NASA Armstrong to support the Prandtl-M Mars Drone project-primary support areas are controls and structual testing.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Design, analysis and prototyping of drones for Martian data collection and drone delivery.   

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Aerodynamics, controls, structures/materials, power systems, systems engineering, mission planning, package handling.

MEETING TIME: Listed as Thurs, 12:00-12:50 but meets on Thurs, 10:55-11:45

ADVISORS: GTRI: Michael Mayo, Courtland Bivens, NASA Contact: Dave Berger



AE - aerodynamics, controls, structures.

ME - mechanical design, prototyping, power systems, structures, robotics.

Materials Sciences - composites, robotics.

ECE - electrical engineering, circuits, software and hardware integration.

Computing - human computer interaction, robotics, algorithms

Architecture - design and prototyping, GIS and tracking systems

Architecture - design and prototyping, GIS and tracking systems. 

CONTACT: Michael Mayo; Michael.mayo@gtri.gatech.edu