2018 ~ Present

Evolutionary Mechanics

GOALS: To discover how evolution acts on materials properties in microbial systems. Use experiments,  simulations, and analytical theory to elucidate how biological fitness and function emerge from physical principles.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Microscopy, Mechanical testing, Individual based models, Simulations, Particle tracking, Experimental evolution, Interferometry, 3D Visualization, Mechanical modeling.

RESEARCH and INNOVATION ISSUES: Evolution is a fundamental biological process. However, it acts on organisms with physical bodies. We will utilize experimental evolution, mechanical measurements, simulations, and analytical theory to understand the intertwined nature of biology and physics.

MEETING TIME: Mon, 12:20-1:10

ADVISORS: Peter Yunker (Physics)



Major(s) Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering:  Interest in biophysics, materials properties, statistical mechanics.

Major(s) Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering:  Interest in microbiology, how physical properties affect biological function.

Major(s) Applied Mathematics, Computer Science:  Interest in image analysis, physics-based simulations.

CONTACT: Prof. Peter Yunker, peter.yunker@gatech.edu