2015 ~ Present| Section - VV1


GOALS: EnerCage system is a new scientific instrument that creates a smart, wirelessly-powered experimental arena for a wide variety of long term physiology, neuroscience, and genetic experiments on small freely behaving animal subjects, such as rats and mice. The system can 1) deliver power to any sensor and electronic device that is implanted in or attached to the animal body wirelessly, 2) communicates with those devices wirelessly, 3) track the one or more animal positions and behavior wirelessly, 4) deliver all this information to a database and process them both in real time and offline to extract a wide range of scientific information. The kind of questions that the EnerCage system helps neuroscientists to answer: What happens in the neuronal circuits in the brain of a mouse when it learns how to find the cheese in a complex maze?

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Wireless power transmission, analog/digital/RF circuit design, embedded systems, sensor networks, magnetic localization, 2D/3D image processing, pattern recognition, real-time/parallel processing, distributed systems, databases, graphics, user interface design.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Design, optimize, and develop an overlapping array of coils that can homogenously power an extendable 3D space; design efficient power amplifiers and near/far field RF communication circuits for wireless power and bidirectional data delivery, magnetic localization of the animal position; real-time 2D/3D video processing of the animal position and behavior; design/applications of sensor networks; distributed biological signal processing; closed-loop feedback for power control and neuromodulation; behavioral analysis, social interactions among multiple animals.

ADVISORS: Maysam Ghovanloo (ECE), Donald Rainnie (Emory-Psychiatry & Behavioral Science).

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation

MEETING TIME: Fri, 6:00-6:50


EE, CmpE – Background/interest in circuits, electromagnetics, wireless communication, embedded systems, computer interfacing, DSP, pattern recognition, image processing, scientific instruments.  Programming skills would be required.

CmpE, CS, CM – Background/interest in systems, databases, data visualization, graphics, real time processing, mathematics.  Programming skills would be required.

BME, Psych, Applied Phys – Background/interest in neural signal processing, neuroscience, behavioral science, social interactions, psychology, statistics.

MGMT – Background/interest in intellectual property, marketing, commercialization.

CONTACT: Prof. Maysam Ghovanloo, mgh@gatech.edu