2014 ~ Present| Section - VPU

EcoCAR Collegiate Competition Team

GOALS: To stimulate the development of advanced vehicle technologies that reduce the overall impact of transportation on the environment by designing, building, and refining an automotive alternative fuel vehicle that reduces energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and criteria tailpipe emissions while maintaining consumer acceptability, performance, utility, and safety.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Combustion engines, mechanical transmissions, electric machines (motors and generators), electronic power converters, lithium-ion battery packs, battery management systems, embedded microcontrollers, feedback control systems, power management algorithms.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Physics-based modeling and simulation-based design of hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, optimized component sizing and subsystem design based on performance versus cost tradeoffs, design methodologies to ensure reliability and safety, virtual prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing, vehicle fabrication and road testing, development of optimal operating and charging strategies, utilization of telemetry and intelligent highway infrastructure to improve energy efficiency, development of automotive human-machine interface.

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 10:55-11:45

ADVISORS: Profs. David Taylor (ECE), Mike Leamy (ME), Tom Fuller (ChBE).

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors, MathWorks, dSPACE, Freescale, A123 Systems, EnerDel, Siemens, AVL, Vector.


  • ECE, ME, ChBE, CoC – Background/interest in hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, physics, statics, dynamics, circuits, electronics, microcontrollers, control systems, electrochemistry, heat transfer, computer-aided analysis/design software, Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow software.
  • MGT – Background/interest in communications, marketing, public relations, social media, event planning, video production, website development, youth outreach, fund raising.

CONTACT: Prof. Tom Fuller, tom.fuller@chbe.gatech.edu

LINKS: http://ecocar3.org/