2019 ~ Present| Section - VX6

Design Bloc

GOALS:  Use design thinking and design behaviors in a team environment to:

A: understand campus and community issues using an empathetic approach,

B: engage with campus and external community members using a rapid prototyping methodology, and 

C: implement change and design interventions that contribute to positive outcomes that create a novel world.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Design Thinking and Design Process, Multi-disciplinary Teamwork, Rapid Prototyping & Iteration, Contextual Awarenees, Empathy, Entrepreneurial Sustainability, Creative Craft, Ethnography.

ISSUES INVOLVED OR ADDRESSED: Design thinking, design behaviors, multi-disciplinary teamwork and experiential learning.

MEETING TIME: Wed, 6:00-6:50



MAJORS, PREPARATION AND INTERESTS: Any BS undergrad major in any college/department interested in learning about and implementing design thinking to address campus and greater community issues. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Prof. Wayne Li, wayne.li@design.gatech.edu

GRAND CHALLENGES: Advanced personalized learning