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Concussion Connect

GOALS: To examine the problem of concussion from a multidisciplinary view that includes neuroscience, clinical assessment, sports engineering, health informatics, and societal issues.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Electromechanical instrumentation, Biomechanics, Statistics, Sensor engineering, Cell culture, Database development and interfacing, Web and app development

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Multiscale injury tolerances, Systems approach to understanding injury complexity, Validation of concussion assessment tools, Return-to-play / return-to-life issues, Policy and public education, Legal issues related to concussion

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 12:00-12:50

ADVISORS: Michelle LaPlaca (BME).

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Department of Defense (CDMRP/USAMRMC); National Football League, GE Ventures, UnderArmour, Coulter Foundation, GTRI, GT Athletics


BMED/BIOL/CHEM/AP/PSYCH – Background/interest in cell culture, clinical studies, physiology, sports medicine / engineering, health informatics, biomechanics, device development and validation

BMED/ME – Background/interest in biomechanics, sensor development, sports engineering, device development and validation

ECE, CS, CM, HCI – Background/interest in programming, systems, databases, web applications, graphics, human-computer interactions, health informatics

MGMT – Background/interest in intellectual property, FDA, marketing, commercialization

HST/SST/STC – Background/interest in history, sociology of sports, role of the concussion crisis on sports, ethical issues surrounding sports policy and injury

PubPol – Background/interest in sports-related legislation, public health issues, ethics, implementation of new laws regarding concussion and return to play

CONTACT: Prof. Michelle LaPlaca, laplaca@gatech.edu

AWARDS: Won first place in 2018 VIP Innovation Competition's BioMed Track

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