2018 ~ Present| Section - VWB

Community & Digital Archives Project

GOALS: The project will bring together students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to work on a framework for community achiving projects. Depending on interests and aptitudes, students will be asked to develop relationships with local communities, design archives that prioritize the wants and needs of these communities, design and implement technical solutions that help communities discover and explore their histories, and help with the analysis of the archives and systems as they are completed. Initial work on the technical side may focus on in-progress archives that may or may not focus on the Atlanta area as students and collaborators at the AUC Woodruff Library work to build community relationships. 

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Digital Archives, Community Building and Preservation, Social Network Analysis, Digital Design, Big Data, Text Mining, Humanistic and Qualitative Analysis, History and Civics

ISSUES INVOLVED or ADDRESSED: Research/design issues, policy issues, etc.

MEETING TIME: Wed, 11:15-12:05

ADVISORS: Brad Rittenhouse (LMC), Todd Michney (HSOC), Wendy Hagenmaier (Library)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: DILAC Lab, Ivan Allen Archive' School of Literature, Media, and Communications; School of History and Sociology; GT Archives"

MAJORS, PREPARATION AND INTERESTS: All majors:  Experience with or willingness to learn archival practices, community engagement, social and local history, natural language processing, social network analysis, machine/deep learning, digital design (UI/UX)

CONTACT: Dr. Brad Rittenhouse, bcrittenhouse@gatech.edu