2017 ~ Present| Section - VVO

Automotive LIDAR

GOALS: To develop an automotive LiDAR system in support of the emerging technical area of vehicle autonomy and increased safety.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: LiDAR, data processing and management, electro-optical systems, hyperspectral imaging, obstacle detection, and opto-mechanics.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Compact LiDAR design capable of implementation onto an automotive platform, real-time data processing, obstacle detection and avoidance, opto-mechanical design, electro-optical systems, mathematics, code. Scalable delivery of multi-media content over wireless channels; formation of transient social networks, peer-to-peer video streaming; data visualization; design/optimization of wireless networks; design/applications of sensor networks; distributed detection/estimation; structural health monitoring; game design/deployment.

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 1:30-2:20

ADVISORS: Eric Brown (GTRI), Bob Case (GTRI)


EE, CmpE – Experience/ interest in electronics, FPGA’s, electro-optical systems, generation of code.

ME, - Experience/ interest in opto-mechanics, CAD, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing.

MGMT – Experience/ interest in project management, budgets, procurement, interfacing with vendors, project tracking.

MATH – Experience/ interest in developing algorithms, code.  

CONTACT: Eric Brown, eric.brown@gtri.gatech.edu