2015 ~ Present| Section - VPV

Augmented Reality Experiences

GOALS: Enable the creation of augmented-reality applications and experiences using a wide range of delivery platforms and AR technologies. Current projects use Argon, an augmented reality software suite developed at Georgia Tech that is both a Javascript/HTML5 framework and a set of browsers and tools.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Web technologies, computer vision and 3D sensing, client and server-side programming, responsive web applications, games, cultural heritage apps, user interface tools, 3D graphics, head-worn displays, projection displays, touch displays.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: What are the user-interface, architectural, and software abstractions for cross-platform and multi-application augmented reality? How can multiple AR applications share one display effectively? What user interfaces can we use for AR applications on different platforms (from tablets to head-worn displays)? How can we support a diverse set of AR applications, from games to industrial applications to education and cultural heritage?

MEETING TIME: Tues, 12:00-12:50

ADVISORS: Jay Bolter (LMC), Maribeth Gandy (IMTC/IPaT).

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: GVU Center, Institute for People and Technology.


CmpE, CS, CM – Background/interest in mobile, augmented reality, networking, security of mobile and IoT, distributed web applications, games and interactive applications, graphics/computer vision/audio, visual design, cultural heritage, education.

EE, CmpE – Background/interest in computer vision, audio processing, networking.

CEE – Background/Interest in smart structures, instrumentation.

INTA, MGMT –Interest in privacy policy and security, marketing, commercialization.

ID, Arch  – Background/interest in spatial experiences and design, 3D environments.

CONTACT: Jay Bolter, jay.bolter@lcc.gatech.edu