2012 ~ Present| Section - VPE

Aquabots: Maritime Robotics

GOALS: The VIP Team will look at the challenging domain of Maritime Robotics. The oceans cover over 70% of our planet’s surface and constitute a critical element in our quality of life, including both the climate and the resources and food that we obtain from the sea. The goal of this team will be to address new research in maritime robotics including navigation of underwater and surface vehicles, mapping and exploration underwater, and other challenging maritime robotic technologies.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Image processing, software development, mechanical design, embedded systems development, process analysis and simulation, dynamic system analysis, process design, general software skills.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Marine robotics, sensing/perception of objects in unstructured marine environment, autonomous systems, collaborative technology, power and energy

MEETING TIME: Thurs, 1:30-2:20 

ADVISORS: Mick West (GTRI), Tom Collins (GTRI)

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center at Georgia Tech, various commercial partners, US government.


  • EE, CmpE, CS – Background/interest in autonomy, collaborative control, image processing and embedded systems, power and energy, electrical design and integration, virtual environments.  Programming skills are required.
  • ME – Hydrodynamic modeling, acoustics, mechanical design and instrumentation.
  • AE – Fluid analysis.
  • Biology and Marine Sciences – Ocean biology, ocean chemistry, bio-fouling.

Mick West, (404) 407-8638, mick.west@gtri.gatech.edu

AWARDS: Won second place in 2018 VIP Innovation Competition's Robotics Track