2017 ~ Present| Section - VVT

Advanced Graphene Battery Technology

GOALS: For students to learn the theory and gain the skills necessary to fabricate next-generation batteries for EVs, spacecraft, and Smart Cities infrastructure.

METHODS & TECHNOLOGIES: Battery assembly and testing, epitaxial thin film growth and characterization, electrical and mechanical testing.

RESEARCH/DESIGN ISSUES: Fabrication of graphene-based coin cell batteries to compare to market standard Lithium-ion batteries will be a focus of the class. Performance testing, lifetime and stability testing, and the integration of next-gen storage devices will be research topics. 

MEETING TIME: Wed, 10:10-11:00

ADVISORS: Dr. Ilan Stern (GTRI), Dr. Seung Woo Lee (ME),  Dr. Milad Navaei (GTRI), Dr. Jinho Park (ME),  Dr. John Hankinson (GTRI) 

PARTNERS & SPONSORS: NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Ricardo Engineering (HALO dynamic wireless charging), DigiGroup (Smart Cities planning)


ME, EE, CHEM, CHEM E, AE, Applied Physics – Background/interest in microelectronics, thin film nanotechnology, advanced circuitry, energy generation, energy harvesting, electric vehicles, aerospace. Previous experience not required

CoA, ID – Integrating next generation batteries and storage devices into the modern and developing world is a critical part of turning cutting edge research into mainstream use

CEE – Background/Interest in smart structures, instrumentation.

MGMT – Background/interest in intellectual property, marketing, commercialization.

CONTACT: Dr. Ilan Stern, ilan.stern@gtri.gatech.edu