T-square & E-mail Lists

5 course listings;
1 T-square course:

- ECE 2811, 1 credit hour
- ECE 3811, 1 credit hour
- ECE 3812, 2 credit hours
- ECE 4811, 1 credit hour
- ECE 4812, 2 credit hours
Email Lists Once your courses have been combined, you can use T-square email lists to email your students. 
Sub-teams The concept of a group in t-square maps nicely to the subteams of your team, which allows you to email subteams very easily.
Guests Instructors can add guests to their T-square sites, such as graduate students, co-advisors, etc. 
External Guests If you have a collaborator who is not a GA Tech employee, you can sponsor a GA Tech account through PASSPort.  The link for sponsoring guests will be in the left menu of PASSPort toward the bottom.

Not a Document Archive

Note that you should NOT use t-square for the management of any documentation or reference material that you want your team to have access to each semester. It is VERY difficult to move content from one semester's t-square site to the next. Please use the VIP wiki site for your team to maintain documentation and reference material:


Instructions for merging T-square worksite

  1. Go to the T-Square Management Tools
  2. In the top menu, select Merge Worksites button.
  3. Read the instructions and then select the worksite that will become the master worksite for you group of course sections, then select the Continue button. 
  4. On the next page, mark the course sites you wish to move into your selected master worksite, and then select the Continue button. 
    Note: your VIP sections will be
    ECE 2811
    ECE 3811
    ECE 3812
    ECE 4811
    ECE 4812
  5. Be sure to carefully read all of the warnings and instructions presented on the next page.  Enter your initials at the bottom and select the Move Course Sections button to combine the course sections into a single worksite.

Discussion on merging worksites