Request a Registration Permit

Returning VIP students request registration permits through the same application form as new students.  While the form is the same, the system will flag you as a returning student.


Click Here
for Permit Request
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Time conflicts

Below are general guidelines for time conflicts.

  • Returning students can have a conflict with the 3:05 Friday session.  We use this time slot for special sessions, such as orientation and major-specific meetings.
  • Returning students can have a conflict with their team meeting if the instructor approves.  This works well for teams with regular sub-team meetings.  There is no formal approval process.  Instead, time-conflict permits are issued freely, and students are responsible for confirming with their instructors that they can work around the conflict.

If you are a returning student and a time-conflict permit was not issued with your regular permit, please email your name, GTID and a short explanation to