Peer Evaluations

An important component of the VIP team experience is peer-evaluation.  Students evaluate classmates with whom they work, with one evaluation at midterms and one at the end of each semester.  Only instructors can view completed evaluations, and they use them in monitoring student progress.  Students can only submit peer evaluations during active evaluation periods.  Instructors can access evaluations at any time.

Users can only log into the system from on campus or via Virtual Private Network (VPN; FAQ on VPN; VPN Cisco AnyConnect download page).

Notes & FAQ

Login Problems

Users must login from on campus or via Virtual Private Network (VPN).
     FAQ on the VPN
     Software Download (will need to download VPN, Cicso AnyConnect)

Peer Evaluations are Required (really)

Per the syllabus, there is a grade penalty for not participating in the peer evaluation process.  This is because teamwork is an important part of the VIP experience.  Peer evaluations are one tool instructors use to monitor teamwork, along with observations during team meetings and your VIP notebooks.

Who do You Evaluate?

You should complete full evaluations for everyone on your team, unless your advisor tells you differently.  The first question in the evaluation is, "How often do you work with each student?"  If your advisor instructs you to not evaluate certain students or you believe you did not work with certain students, only then should you answer the first question with a one (1=never). When you answer the first question with a one, the system will not include that person in the remaining questions.

Reporting Problems

Please report problems to  When you email, be sure to:
- Include your username and VIP team name
- Include error messages the system is giving you (copy/paste)
- Describe when the error occurs (when you login, when you click submit, etc.)
- Include a screenshot if possible


Students & Instructors
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Users can only log in from on campus or via VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).

Students can only access the peer evaluation system during active evaluation periods.

Instructors can access evaluations at any time.