How Undergraduate Students Apply

Application Deadline is 8/22/19 at 11:59pm
Teams fill up, so plase apply sooner rather than later.

Students apply to VIP through an online form.  Applicants must indicate a single team they would like to join.  If you are not approved for that team for any reason, you can reapply and request another team.  If you change your mind about which team you would like, either before or after you are approved, you can apply to join a different team, and the new application will replace the old one. VIP Teams only meet in the Fall and Spring semseters.

What do approvers consider?

1. Balance of undgraduate and graduate level students

2. Balance of majors on the team

3. Number of credits requested


  1. Users can only log in from on-campus or via VPN (Cisco AnyConnect).

  2. Click Here to Apply
    You will be prompted to login


Time conflicts

New students cannot have a conflict with their team meeting.

If you have been accepted, you will receive your permit by the end of registration. 

The deadline to apply is the last Thursday of phase II registration.  This allows time for registration permits to be issued and for students to register.

Switching Teams

The VIP Program does not allow students to freely switch from team to team. As a disincentive, students are typically asked to take a one-semester break between participation on one team and another. Students seeking exception to this rule should provide a detailed explanation in the comments section in the online application.