Graduate Students

The VIP program is designed to engage sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students and faculty.  Graduate students participate in one of two ways: enrolling for academic credit, or participating as mentors under the direction of their research advisors.

Enrolling for Academic Credit

The graduate students enroll in an independent study course with the instructor.  If the instructor is from a different academic unit, the student will need to check with his/her academic advisor to confirm the credits could be applied toward the student's degree.  If registration for the course is by permit only (which is often the case), the student should request a registration permit from the graduate program coordinator for the instructor's home department.

Graduate students interested in enrolling for academic credit should:

  1. Contact the VIP advisor(s) that you would like to work with, and explain that you'd like to enroll for special problems course with him/her and work with the VIP team;
  2. If the VIP team adivsor says that you can work with his/her team, get the course number from the instructor (for special problems, not for VIP);
  3. Confirm with your academic advisor how the credits for the proposed course would count toward your degree.  In most departments, you will need to get paperwork from your academic office and have the instructor sign off on the course. 
  4. Once the paperwork is submitted to your academic office, they will issue a registration permit. When the permit is issued, you will receive an automated message from the course registration system.  The message will include the Course Registration Number (CRN) that you need.

Participating as a Mentor

In general, graduate student mentors are already doing research with their VIP team advisors.  Participation in VIP is a part of the students' research, with the VIP team's work contributing to the graduate student's project.