Electrical & Computer Engineering Senior Design

Students may use their VIP projects for Senior Design if:

  • Their VIP project is suitable for an EE or CmpE culminating design project and includes working with at least 2 or more individuals.
  • They have previously registered for the same VIP team in at least 3 successive semesters prior to taking Senior Design II, with semesters off for co-op and internships allowed.  During those semesters they take VIP for at least 1–2–2 credits with the same team, as shown in the timeline below.  The last two VIP credits are taken with the same team in their senior year.
  • They satisfy all other senior design requirements, including completion of Senior Design I (ECE 4011).

Timeline & Milestones*

Credits** (Minimum)
Design Courses
Two or More Years before Senior Design*
  Any semester 1 (optional)   ECE has a limit of 6 credit hours for VIP and independent study credits.  Working within this limit, students following the timeline for Senior Design only have room for 1-credit hour in the sophomore year.  Additional credits could be taken, but they would not count toward your degree.
Year before Senior Design*
  Two semesters before Senior Design I 1-2  

**Meet with Dr. Randal Abler and/or Chris Malbrue to review VIP Senior Design requirements**

If any VIP credits were earned in a previous semester, only 1 credit should be taken this semester (two semesters before Senior Design I), with a maximum of 6 VIP credit hours counting toward the ECE degree.  Additional credits could be taken, but they would not count toward your degree.

During the Junior Year, VIP can be used to fulfill the Junior Professional Communications requirement (ECE 3006).  Click here for details.

Semester before Senior Design I 2  
Year of Senior Design*
  Semester of Senior Design I 2 2 credits
ECE 4011
These last two credit hours of VIP must be earned in the senior year.
Semester of Senior Design II   3 credits
ECE 4012
The department will create lab sections of ECE 4012 associated with the students' VIP teams. Students register for the ECE 4012 lecture section and their special VIP lab sections.
Students continue to attend and actively participate in VIP, while meeting all Senior Design requirements, including presentations and reports following the modified syllabus below.

* Time off for co-ops and internships allowed.
** All five to six credits and the Senior Design work must be earned with the same VIP Team.

Syllabus Supplement for Senior Design Students

Syllabus Supplement - ECE/VIP/Senior Design


If you have questions about VIP in the ECE curriculum, please contact the ECE Undergraduate Affairs Office.

If you would like to determine if your VIP project would be appropriate for ECE Senior Design, please contact Dr. Randal Abler and/or Chris Malbrue