Canvas & E-mail Lists

Canvas - Combining Sections (Cross Listing)

The terminology for combining sections in Canvas is "cross-listing." This is not the same as cross-listing courses in the course catalog (which causes some confusion). The link below has instructions, along with a link to a video.

Canvas Instructions for Combining Sections (Cross Listing)

To access Canvas go to                   To access the Canvas dashboard go to

7 course listings;
1 Canvas course:

-VIP 2601, 1 credit hour
-VIP 3601, 1 credit hour
-VIP 3602, 2 credit hours
-VIP 4601, 1 credit hour
-VIP 4602, 2 credit hours
-VIP 4603, 3 credit hours
-VIP 6600, 0 credit hour
E-mail Lists Once your courses have been combined, you can use Canvas e-mail lists to e-mail your students. 

Instructors can add guests to their Canvas sites, such as graduate students, co-advisors, etc. Go here

  1. Click People in the Course Navigation.
  2. Click the Add People button. 
  3. Select how you want to add the user in the Add user(s) by section
  4. Enter or paste the users' information in the box.
  5. Click the arrow on the Role box and select a role for the user from the reulting menu.
  6. Optional: Click the arrow on the Section box and select a section from the resulting menu.
  7. Optional: Check the Can interact with useres in their section only box. 
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. Click the Add Users button to add the user. 
External Guests If you have a collaborator who is not a GA Tech employee, you can sponsor a GA Tech account through Passport. The link for sponsoring guests will be in the left menu of Passport toward the bottom.

Groups are a way to group students in your course and let them submit one assignment for the group and receive one grade for the group.

  1. Click People in the Course Navigation.
  2. Click the Group Set button. 
  3. Enter a name in the Group Set Name box.
  4. Optional: Check the Allow self sign-up or the Require group members to be in the same section boxes. 
  5. Select Split students into groups and enter the number of groups in the box, or select I'll create groups manually.
  6. Click the Save button.



Not a Document Archive

Note that you should NOT use Canvas for the management of any documentation or reference material that you want your team to have access to each semester. It is VERY difficult to move content from one semester's Canvas site to the next. Please use the VIP wiki site for your team to maintain documentation and reference material: